St Brendan’s has many facilities that encourage learning and active play.
St Brendan's Catholic Primary School Annandale

Learning Spaces

Our classrooms provide learning environments that meet the needs of all students, whether for small or larger groups, as well as interactive and collaborative teaching spaces.

St Brendan's Catholic Primary School Annandale library

Library and Learning Pods

Our flexible learning spaces are our library area and learning pods. The library space is used for indoor break activities and as a gathering space for the school community. Our pods are utilised as extra learning spaces in addition to our classrooms.

St Brendan's Catholic Primary School Annandale Outside areas

Outside play

We enjoy the use of three play areas which gives us the opportunity to provide flexible, interactive, outside environments to meet student needs. There are areas that are shady and green, covered handball courts, creative play areas such as sand pits and larger open areas for active games such as soccer.

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